Australian – The Country of Beaches

August 12, 2016

A beach is a place which many individuals love to visit for various reasons. It is viewed as a spot to unwind because it is extraordinarily tranquil and serene there. Beach presents you with a unique opportunity to witness the nature at its best. Artists often try to capture the beauty of a beach on their canvas or by singing soulful songs about its magnificence. Whenever there is a discussion…


Tips for Taking Photographs of Trees

March 14, 2016

Nature photography is one of the most loved categories of photography. Within nature photography, trees are a preferred choice for many photographers as far as the subject is concerned. The popularity of trees as a subject of photography is justified by all means. Trees are not only aesthetically appealing but also unique in their appearance. In a few regards, trees are additionally simple to photograph. They are broadly visible and…


Capturing Skyscrapers of Melbourne

February 29, 2016

Whenever there is a discussion about skylines in the big cities across the world, a special mention is reserved for Melbourne’s skyline. In the recent times we have witnessed the city reach skywards quite rapidly and extensively. With the number of tall buildings and skyscrapers increasing by the day, Melbourne presents its tourists with one of the most enthralling skylines they have ever come across. It’s anything but difficult to…


Beach Photography – A Few Tips

February 11, 2016

Beach photography is an incredible experience mainly because the landscape is always so fluid. Look out to the ocean and you’ll find a new shape, a new dimension every second. Make the most out of it with a few tips given here. People often say that the sea is so boring to shoot – just water with variations. But turn your back to the sea and look for unconventional shots…