Beach Photography – A Few Tips

Beach photography is an incredible experience mainly because the landscape is always so fluid. Look out to the ocean and you’ll find a new shape, a new dimension every second. Make the most out of it with a few tips given here.

People often say that the sea is so boring to shoot – just water with variations. But turn your back to the sea and look for unconventional shots – crabs scurrying out of holes as the tide comes in or one of a crowd at a beach volleyball game.

Of course sunsets and sunrises are always fascinating. Take multiple shots one every minute or so. There will be a lot of difference every time. Keep the ones that captivate you.

Use fill flash for shots. People invariably have sunglasses or floppy hats on that cast shadows on the face. Adjust settings and force the flash to fire, it will eliminate the dark areas and light up the face.

Some of the world’s loveliest and most pristine beaches are in Sydney. Take a walk when there is not much of a crowd because of adverse weather. You’ll get some of the most memorable shots then – dramatic cloud covers, threatening seas and windy conditions. The beaches here are very clean too, well-maintained by professional services providing commercial cleaning in Sydney.

If you are using a DSLR use a UV filter. It cuts out ultraviolet light in a certain wave band and thus helps to eliminate the bluish tinge in atmospheric haze. This is necessary to get razor sharp images especially during shooting in mid-afternoons.

Lastly, a photographer’s true identity is his level of creativity. The beach gives a lot of options for experimenting with the non-traditional. An example – throw in a couple of black and white shots for effect, especially of people framed against the horizon.