Capturing Skyscrapers of Melbourne

Whenever there is a discussion about skylines in the big cities across the world, a special mention is reserved for Melbourne’s skyline. In the recent times we have witnessed the city reach skywards quite rapidly and extensively. With the number of tall buildings and skyscrapers increasing by the day, Melbourne presents its tourists with one of the most enthralling skylines they have ever come across.

It’s anything but difficult to build a story that depicts skyscrapers as cruel behemoths that overwhelm the urban horizon, disengaging inhabitants from reality at ground level, obstructing daylight, creating solid winds below and, obviously, conveying inordinate and unreasonable returns to the builders.

Nevertheless, as a contrast to this crudely created narrative, most of these skyscrapers account for a delightful sight, especially during the sunrises and sunsets. I had this wonderful opportunity to capture this alluring sight in my camera lens. On my recent trip to Melbourne, on an evening, I was just strolling around the city when I went past this line of high rise towers. The sight of silhouette of skyscrapers against the dimming sky caught my attention and I almost felt obliged to capture it in my DSLR camera. I likewise, wondered about the role played by labour hire companies and the contribution of workers towards the construction of these monumental structures.

If one thinks about it, these skyscrapers indeed are a manifestation of the strength of human will and effort.