Beach Photography – A Few Tips

February 11, 2016

Beach photography is an incredible experience mainly because the landscape is always so fluid. Look out to the ocean and you’ll find a new shape, a new dimension every second. Make the most out of it with a few tips given here. People often say that the sea is so boring to shoot – just water with variations. But turn your back to the sea and look for unconventional shots…


A Photography Blog – Sharing A Part Of My World

February 9, 2016

Photography has been my passion from a very young age, fuelled by my father’s encouragement who was also an avid photographer. My first camera was a simple Rolliflex with its open up view finder. Its large square size helped me to learn the rudiments of framing and composition – two vital aspects of a good photograph. It also helped me graduate to the much smaller viewfinders of SLR cameras that…