Beach Photography Tips for a Glamour Shoot

Beach photography can test the mettle of even the diehard photography buffs but when you embark on a journey of having glamour shoot right on the beach, things might get awfully complex if you do not follow certain guidelines. What photographers often forget is that in the midst of all that clicking, there is a human being who has to be comfortable if the required expressions have to come from her. Hence the most crucial factor is the well being of the model. All things can follow later.

Here are some points that can help you have a well planned glamour shoot on the beach.

Equipment – This is of primary importance. Remember, sand particles are just waiting to invade your gear so take steps in this regard. The good news is that since glamour shoots on beaches are held in direct sunlight, the equipment can be simple without any level of sophistication. Lenses can be a main lens of 100mm to 150mm with a zoom lens covering the 70mm to 200mm range. This should adequately meet your requirements. It is advisable to shoot at an aperture of f/2.0 or f/2.2 by bringing it down by one half to one f stops you lower the depth of field while still getting crisp cutting edge images.

Reflectors are an integral part of equipment you carry for filling in shadows. You can have an expensive aluminum setup. Often a single sheet of paper does the trick. And finally, never forget to take a large beach towel. Here is something soft to rest your equipment or a temporary blanket to keep your model comfortable. A large white beach towel will even act as a reflector for those soft light shots.

Accessories – Accessories are not a necessity for glamour beach shots. The open seas and the surf are often enough. But you’ll find that some models give off their best expressions and pose when they have something on their hands, something to focus on. Hence, some of the readily available accessories that you can bank on are seashells, fishnets, parasols, jewelry, and surfboards. Placed appropriately, it enhances the glamour quotient of the shoot. You can use the backdrop of resorts on beaches too. For example, if you are shooting on Tasmanian beaches, use the backdrop of a high-end luxury accommodation in Tasmania for effect.  

Using the sun – The sun in photography is your friend but it can be pretty uncomfortable for the subject when you have the sun behind you. Advise your model to keep her eyes to the ground and look up briefly just before you click. She’ll be comfortable and you will get the best of impressions. In case you have the model between you and the sun, use reflectors to fill in light. However you must have a helper to hold the reflector and move around with it as per your requirement.

Having a fresh perspective – Clicking continuously at eye level takes the freshness out of a glamour shoot. Use a new perspective – lying down on the sand for a high shot or standing above beach level at a point for a crane shot will make the images truly exciting.

For a photo shoot, it’s the photographer’s creative eye that matters. For a successful shoot, dare to be different.