How to Do Your Makeup for Incredible Pictures

In today’s social media obsessed world, it is safe to say that knowing how to be photogenic is of most extreme significance. Getting caught looking horrible in pictures can be traumatising and is enough to make us wonder how all those models manage to look so good in all the photographs. Certainly, there are makeup tricks and tips that make them look great in photos. Similarly, we want to know how to look good in pictures so that we won’t be embarrassed by the pictures we are tagged in on social networking sites.

Here are few makeup tips to look good in pictures.

Start with a primer – You want to start off with a basic primer. Priming helps even out the skin and fades imperfections so that your foundation looks more smooth and natural. Plus, it helps the camera create a glowing look rather than the one that highlights the bumps beneath the foundation.

Use matte makeup – When getting ready for photographs, it is essential to use a matte makeup. Matte does not have any sparkle or shimmer and does not reflect light, making it a better choice for photography. Use fingertips to dab foundation on cheeks, chin, bridge of your nose and forehead. Using a brush, blend it evenly. After the foundation, conceal the problem areas such as around the nostril, under eyes and laugh lines. Then lightly sweep translucent powder over the centre of the forehead, centre of nose and chin.

Frame your face – Dust a bronzer just around the edges of the face to flatteringly shape it and take the focus off your forehead. This allows highlighting your features. Using circular motions apply the bronzer with a makeup brush.

Fill in your eyebrows – Eyebrows may look lighter in pictures, so it’s a good idea to fill in your eyebrows. Also, fuller eyebrows make your face look younger and fresher. Fill the brow in a natural way, starting from the bottom of the brow, filling it upwards.

Apply eyeshadow close to your skin tone – Using 3 colours, neutral, darker and a highlighter will make your eyes appear brighter and larger in pictures. Start with a classic defining shape. Neutral over the lid will even out the lid, darker shade in the crease will make your eyes pop and highlighter at the inner corners and the brow bone will brighten up the darker areas. For best results choose an eyeshadow colour that’s close to your skin tone and use a fluffy brush for application.

Apply lipstick – When it comes to lipstick, brighter shades tend to show up better in pictures. However, it’s best to pick the one you like. Use a lip brush and press the colour. It gives you ultimate control and maximum coverage.

Apply makeup in natural light – For best results, it is advised to apply makeup in natural light. Indoor lighting can alter the appearance and cause you to apply makeup too heavily.

These are some of the makeup tips to look fabulous in photographs. However, if you are getting ready for a wedding or special occasions, book an appointment with a professional makeup artist in Melbourne and get that flawless makeup for the photographs.