Picture Perfect Models – Their Inside Secrets

When you see picture perfect models walking down ramps or at promotional events, you surely get overawed by their glamour and poise and wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes. But few know that it is a tough life out there and it takes hours upon hours of rigorous training schedules and sacrificing favourite food and drink to look like what they do. Life is definitely not easy on the fashion circuit. These highly paid models have to go through gruelling auditions and selection processes before they appear in their current avatar before a doting audience.

What then are the little secrets that have made them what they are? But before going into details, a word of caution – nothing in their world is standardised. Each has their own specific ways to keep fit and stay at the highest levels of beauty and attraction.

  • Diet – It may come as a surprise to many but models really do not ever go on a starvation diet, neither do they go on a food binge once the show is over. The common thread running through all is eat what you want but within reason. Take the case of Lindsay Ellingson, a top model for Victoria’s Secret. She starts the day with a glass of warm water and restricts herself to good food. “One of my go to is salmon with a kale salad and a sweet potato – so very hearty energising food – but its no means a diet. It’s you know good for you,” she says.

Many models cut out sugary food, chocolates and wine before a show just to reduce calories and be in shape. Some go on a punishing workout mode just to increase the body’s metabolism rate so that they can be on a normal diet, maybe even a slice or two of cheesy pizza, and still be at optimal physical conditions.

  • Workouts – While most models do remain active even in lean periods with a certain amount of workouts, the pace increases about a month before a major show. It even goes up to 6 days a week with a combination of cardio and strength training. It is a matter of being constantly on their toes. Established models and those on contract have to go through periodical auditions to prove to brand representatives that they are fit and up to it.
  • Glamour Quotient – Models have their own processes and individualised tips to look their best before the footlights. And an important part of this is to have a flawless and rejuvenated skin that brings out their inner beauty and poise. For this, visits to top end beauty clinics that have technologically advanced state of the art equipment is almost a part of their profession. Stephen Blignaut, a well known businessman in Australia says that the anti aging and skin rejuvenation machines of the future will see a giant leap in operational efficiencies over those in use today.

Apart from this beauty enhancing technique, most models prefer to have plenty of rest and sleep before a show. They also take lots of water to clear the body of toxins which gives an additional sheen to the skin. Many even prefer a probiotic every morning before breakfast to detoxify the body.

These are some of the secrets of models to remain picture perfect. As said before, every model has specific plans to take the world of beauty and fashion by storm.