Simple Makeup Tricks for better clicks

Simple Makeup Tricks for Better Clicks

It is said that photos do not lie. True, you cannot change the shape of your face, the distance between your eyes or the slant of the nose. These are fixed and constant. But what you can do is to add a touch of makeup to add an extra layer of fairness to your face or apply a matt foundation on the bridge of your nose to avoid a terrifying whiteness when the light from a flash bounces off it. Following a few simple makeup tricks will make for better photographs regardless of the gender you belong to. But for the purpose of this piece, the female of our species will be focussed on simply because the need to look glamorous is intricately woven into the fabric of their lives.

If you know that there is a photo shoot coming up whether it is walking the red carpet, or an impending wedding, bridal shower or an old class mates get together, take some time to prepare yourself for it. Follow these simple tips and you’ll surely come out looking beautiful and sublime in the photographs.

Preparation of the skin – A great looking skin is the foundation for good photographs. The night before the shoot use a gentle abrasive scrub or a non abrasive liquid to exfoliate the skin. Apply moisturiser liberally. The next day, your skin will look filled out and fresh. But if your skin is very dry, start with a primer. You can get a Photo Finish Foundation Primer at major cosmetic stores. Choose a foundation that is right for your skin tone and also photo friendly. Avoid those that have sunscreen as well as it gives a dull and inert mask like look under flash photography. Unwanted body hair is another issue that you are likely to face. For actors and models with recurring photo shoots, it is advisable to go looking for a portable IPL hair removal machine for sale and carry out the procedure in your home instead of frequent visits to beauty salons and spas.

Sharpen facial features – Framing your face is crucial. Use a sheer bronzer – there are many available – just around the perimeter of your face. This will flatteringly highlight the sharp features of the face such as a firm jaw line or high cheek bones while taking the focus away from the forehead. If you have a perpetual T-zone shine that reflects awkwardly under flash, opt for a matt finish blotting powder to dampen it. The eyes are an all important part of the frame and special attention should be given to it. Before applying under-eye concealer, mix it with a little amount of foundation. This helps to bring out the eyes normally in photos without brightening up the rim below the eyes under flash. Choose softer tones like brown, grey or navy to minimise harshness around the eyes. Choose your lipstick wisely, one that will stay throughout the shoot or event.

Seal it all in – What point is makeup if it starts running soon as it comes under bright arc lights. After you have completed applying makeup, seal it all in with makeup setting spray for hours of smudge free looks.

Follow these simple pointers for an added glamour quotient during shoots.