Tips to Look Amazing In Pictures

We all love taking pictures, but one thing we don’t like is looking terrible in photos. Ever thought of why models and celebrities look fabulous in every photograph and you don’t? Well here is a secret – models and selfie queens who look incredible in photos are not necessarily the most beautiful, what they have is the ability to look amazing. You just need to master a few of those skills to look better in pictures. To help you get Instagram ready, here are some tips.

According to fashion photographers, the left side of the face is generally more appealing than the right side. This is because the left side of the face tends to show greater intensity of emotions which makes you more attractive and in turn makes your pictures amazing. When it comes to makeup, it is best to keep it light, especially with foundation. A face masked in any kind of monotone base will look flat and pasty in photos. According to beauty experts for a natural look in photos, use concealer only on red spots, imperfections and shadowy areas. Opt for a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

If you want to rock a bare-faced look, then consider undergoing treatment with laser IPL machine to reduce brown pigmentation marks and get a smoother and even skin tone. It is not painful in the scale of non-surgical treatments that are expensive, but you do need more than one session for best results. Especially, visit beauty salons and spas that have installed superior devices imported and distributed by Universal IPL.

To give your hair a quick volume, flip it upside down and shake through the strands with your fingers. When you flip it back, you will be left with an imperfect and tousled look that will appear textured in photos. This will make you look amazing in the pictures. If you are preparing for special photographs such as a wedding or family studio sessions, it is advisable to avoid alcohol and other unhealthy habits, as these habits make you look puffy. Get lots of sleep, exercise daily, drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet. Prepare a few days in advance to ensure you look your best in pictures.

If you are getting clicked in a seated position, you need to assume a dancer’s posture. Sit up straight, pull your stomach in and point your chin slightly down. If you are only being photographed above the waist such as a group photo in a restaurant, pull your legs apart, press down on your knees with your palms and arch your back. It lengthens the neck and brings your shoulders back, so you look tall and poised.

For a classic, no-fail pose, turn your body three quarters towards the camera or even with your body to the side, place one foot in front of the other, place your hand on the waist and tilt the shoulder a bit towards the photographer. This pose is perfect for capturing your best angle. Further, by putting your tongue behind your teeth when smiling you can avoid a wide grin. Just remember to smile with your eyes so that you do not look unhappy.

To get a slender look when being photographed from the front, push your shoulders back, thrust your neck out like a rooster and slightly tilt down the chin, doing this will also prevent the double chin. This may look a little odd from the side but the moment actually looks great in pictures.

In the end, the more natural your personality comes through, the better the photographs. Be yourself, laugh and enjoy the moment.